Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Get In The Game Madden Leauge 09

George: George is new to Get In The Game, but he is not new to Madden. He is only 19, but he has competed in Madden ever since the Los Angles Rams won the Superbowl and Marshal Faulk graced the cover of Madden. He has won numerous tournaments at other gaming stores. He was once rank #3 online in PlayStation in the country. He beat Antwyon in the first game of the season. He vows to be the first Get In Tha Game Madden 2009 League champion. His regular season record was 8-0. He is not as dominate as Ty, but he is the top gun in the PlayStation conference.

DaeShone: DaeShone was a dominant force in the league. His only losses were against Ty and Dru. He is an excellent competitor. He took undefeated Ty to two overtimes to lose by a last second field goal. His most notable win was against TJ, who is a playoff contender. With the last name Madden, DaeShone has more ridding on this league because his name matches the game's cover.

Najee: Najee barley made the playoffs as the sixth seed but boy does he have potential. He can be the wild card out of this group. Eventhough he does not own the game at home, he plays like a crafty veteran. His most notable win was against Jakish 35-0. His "A" game can get him into the championship game.

Peanut: Peanut was the division champion for the southern division of the PlayStation # 3 Conference. He was one of the Original Madden Players at Get In Tha Game last season. Eventhough he did not win a tournament game, Peanut had good potential. This season, Peanut had notable wins against Dylan in Week 7 to clinch the division title.

Antwyon: Antwyon was the 2008 Madden Tournament champion at Get In Tha Game. He has the ability to dominate his opponent. He is a small man in stature, but his game intimidate opponents. Recently, Ex All Pro Los Angeles Rams Cornerback, LeRoy Irvin presented Antwyon with a plaque for being the best Madden Player to step foot in Get In Tha Game. This season, he has one lost to George but the playoff can tell a different story.

J. Miller: J. Miller is new to Get In Tha Game. He is a native of Philadelphia, Pa. who grew up with the sticks in his hands. He has excellent potential and his most notable win was against Peanut 42-23. With another season under his belt, J. Miller could be a force in future leagues .

Dylan: Dylan was a force in his division until he lost to Peanut. He was picked to win his division but with two crucial losses in weeks 7 and 8, lowered his stock on being one of the most feared players. His most notable win was against Frankie 31-24. With the right match ups, Dylan can be a sleeper to win the next leagues.

Frankie: Frankie was in every game this season and could have easily had a stronger record if his Vikings had a better passing game. His most notable game was against Donte 24-17. His play got him the sixth seed in the playoffs. He will be a force in the next season, especially if the Vikings get Brett Farve.

Dru Ace: Dru Ace was the 5 time Madden Tournament winner at Get In Tha Game last season. He was the leagues North division winner in the regular season. Dru Ace is a smart player who plays with his head instead of his heart. His most noticeable win was against DaeShone 16-13. Dru Ace will be a contender in the playoffs and is in the car for a shot at the championship.

Ty: Ty is a New York Native who plays his games in that manner, Gritty and grimy! He went undefeated in the regular season. He was in a class all by himself in the regular season and is the driver's seat to win the $250.00 prize money. He averaged over 40 points per game and once scored 72 points in a game this season. When the going gets tough, Ty gets tougher. If he stays focus, ohhhhhh money gone.

Fernando: Fernando is another wild card in this league. He is a fighter and understands the game but sometimes he has a little rust around the edges. He beat Najee and scored 41 points against Jakish. His game is up and down but he can be up in the playoffs and run the table.

TJ: TJ is a solid Madden player who was shocked the Get In Tha Game community. He beat Dru Ace in a defensive battle 3-0 and scored 63 points against Nick in week #2. He is a smart player who plays the game as if he was playing a chess game. He finished the season at 6-2 and can be the one who gives Ty his first loss. His best game can mean money shifting in another direction.

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